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Project Construction Management (CMS)

for Counties 

Road Construction

Our county’s choice of ExeVision was the result of needing to upgrade our outdated construction management software. The move to online automation was a much-needed transition.


Having now made that move, we’re happy with the results and with the affordability of the subscription model for county transportation agencies. We have been very pleased with the level of attention and support extended by the ExeVision team."

McHenry County, IL

Construction Management Subsystem (CMS)

Fully Hosted & Fully Managed Solution

Ledger • Daily Reports • Change Orders • Pay Estimates • Subcontracts

ExeVision's integrated Project Development (iPDWeb) CMS is an easy-to-use web application for recording construction data.  CMS tracks and maintains data including project documents, Daily Diaries, Project Ledger/Quantity Book, and Contractor Pay Estimates, and utilizes the Electronic Field Book (eFieldBook™) application on a tablet to gather and synchronize field and inspection data with the home office CMS.  



Using the CMS web-based subsystem, the agency records daily work activities including the quantities of work performed and other critical activities related to construction projects that affect processing contractor payments—for example, Weather, Time Charges, Activities, Equipment, Labor, Diary Entries, etc.  From these entries, reports are generated based on the daily work completed, the overall percentage of project complete, funding and payment information, etc. Custom reporting functionality is also provided using the intuitive and user-friendly ad hoc reporting engine.  Graphical reporting dashboards may also be created from report outputs.  

Construction Management for Counties

Since 2008, ExeVision has focused exclusively on providing transportation agencies with exceptional Project Development and Construction Management solutions in support of their road and bridge construction projects.  It became apparent that counties and other local government agencies needed those same tools, but had budget limitations prohibiting the acquisition and implementation of similar systems.


ExeVision introduced a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription-based solution for counties, providing the same robust and enterprise-ready solution in production at  state DOTs, but at a  cost that even the most cost-conscious agencies can afford.