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Fully Hosted, Fully Managed Web-Based
Construction Management for Counties

  • Eliminate manual and paper processes
  • Web-based for ease-of-use
  • Affordable subscription service
  • Fully hosted and managed by ExeVision

Since 2008, ExeVision has focused exclusively on providing transportation agencies with exceptional Project Development solutions in support of their road and bridge construction projects.  The same robust and enterprise-ready solution in production at  state DOTs is now available to county transportation agencies at a price level that local budgets can support.


iPDWeb Functionality Includes:
  • Construction Project Documentation/Daily Diaries

  • Pay Items and Quantity Book

  • Change Order

  • Table-based field data input

  • Pay Estimates

  • Subcontracts

  • Reporting (Standard and Ad Hoc)

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Construction Management Subsystem Overview

ExeVision’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) iPDWeb is an affordable, full-featured construction management solution, focused on providing an easy-to-use web application for recording and reporting on project construction data. CMS tracks and maintains data including daily diaries, project ledger, and contractor pay estimates, and utilizes the eFieldBook application to gather and synchronize ­field and inspection data with the enterprise iPDWeb application.


Using the CMS, the agency records daily work activities including the quantities of work performed and other critical activities related to construction projects that affect processing contractor payments—for example, weather, time charges, activities, equipment, labor, diary entries, etc. These entries may be made in either the iPDWeb application or through the eFieldBook, ExeVision’s tablet-based application for gathering field data. From these entries, reports are generated through standard system reports or with an integrated, user-friendly ad hoc reporting engine.

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CMS Daily Report Entry

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Construction Management solutions

for Counties

  • Estimates
  • Electronic Bidding
  • Materials Management
  • Civil Rights Reporting