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The same high-end,

Web-based Project Development Solution

used by state transportation agencies

is now available for Counties and Municipalities

...at a price every budget can support.


Project Development

  • Estimates

  • Electronic Bidding

  • Contractor Bid Submission

  • Construction Management

  • Materials Management & Testing

  • Civil Rights Reporting

ExeVision’s integrated Project Development for Local Governments (iPDWeb LG™), manages 

complex projects with efficiency, facilitates team interaction, and automates the processes that keep project costs and schedules in check. 

“Our objective is to provide local government agencies the same robust 

functionality as the flagship iPDWeb™ product used by State Departments of Transportation, at an affordable price and on-demand web availability.”

- Floyd W. Millet

  President, ExeVision

Introducing ExeVision iPDWeb LG

iPDWeb LG 
Local Government Solution

ExeVision began developing transportation solutions in 1997 and has exclusively focused on supplying project development and management solutions to State Departments of Transportation since 2008.

The integrated Project Development (iPDWeb) solution is a comprehensive project development application, fully integrating all functional aspects of transportation agency construction projects from estimate creation and electronic bidding through the final contractor payment.  This includes: Estimates, Electronic Bidding, Construction Management, Materials Management/Testing, and Civil Rights compliance (See Figure 1).  

iPDWeb LG is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Project Development solution specifically designed for local government agencies including Counties and Municipalities.  The focus is to provide the same robust functionality used by State Departments of Transportation, but at an affordable price and without the long implementation lead time of a fully customized solution.  And the system's built-in flexibility allows an agency to adopt the full solution from contract initiation through project closeout, or to select individual functional subsystem that fit the agency's needs and requirements. 

ExeVision's iPDWeb LC provides a fully integrated project development solution for Local Government agencies.

ExeVision iCXWeb LG


The integrated Contractors Exchange (iCXWeb LG™), is the web-based communication platform between contractors and the agency where contractors prepare and submit bids, document subcontracted work, and acknowledge change orders and addenda. iCXWeb was designed to minimize the instances of “non-responsive” bids by checking for errors prior to bid submission and making recommendations for correcting the problem(s). 


Field Data Collection 

For agencies needing field personnel to document work onsite, the Electronic Field Book application (eFieldBook) streamlines the work by enabling engineers to document daily work activities at the project site, including pay items and quantities of work performed, labor, equipment, etc. eFieldBook functions online or offline, thus accommodating documentation in remote areas. Project information from the construction management subsystem is downloaded to the handheld device (iPad) and when a direct or wireless connection exists, daily work activity and other collected information from the field is synchronized with the home office.  This information is used in the Construction Management Subsystem (CMS) to prepare contractor pay estimates and status reports.

iPDWeb LG (Local Government)  vs iPDWeb (State Transportation Agency) 


iPDWeb LG delivers the same robust functionality and best business practices used by State Departments of Transportation to local government agencies, at an affordable price and as an on-demand service .  The key differences between the a State DOT implementation and the Local Government solution are represented below.  

For more information or to request a demonstration at your site, please contact: 

Brent D. McKinley
e-mail: bmckinley@exevision.com

Direct: (801) 762-6372


Additional Product Information

iPDWeb LG Overview

(PDF, 2 Pages)


(PDF, 2 Pages)


(PDF, 2 Pages)


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(PDF, 2 Pages)

Subsystem Overview

(PDF, 4 Pages)

Note:  Data sheets may contain references to functionality customization for state transportation agencies, not available in the local government SaaS solution.