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"Since 2005 when our relationship began, ExeVision has consistently delivered quality, customized software solutions on time, in scope, and within budget for our preconstruction and construction divisions.  Based on years of positive experience with ExeVision, we determined to replace all of our client/server project development solutions with their web-based counterparts and have now completed that transition... and couldn't be more pleased."

                                                                        - Wyoming Dept. of Transportation  

•   Project Cost Estimate Subsystem (PCES)        
•   Electronic Bidding Subsystem (EBS)        
•   Construction Management Subsystem (CMS)
•   Materials Management Subsystem (MMS)
•   Civil Rights Subsystem (CRS)
•   Management Reporting Subsystem (MRS)
•   System Maintenance Subsystem (SMS)

ExeVision iPDWeb

Transportation Agency

IPD Project Development Software Flowchart

ExeVision’s integrated Project Development (iPDWeb™) solution is a comprehensive construction project development and management solution. iPDWeb is a fully integrated web solution that provides all functional aspects of road and bridge construction starting with estimate creation and electronic bidding, through construction management and then processing final contractor payment and project closeout.  Independent functional components (subsystems) of ExeVision's solution however, may be implemented independently and integrated with existing IT infrastructure.

iPDWeb was designed by practicing construction management experts to meet their day-to-day project management needs.  State departments of transportation that need  to carefully manage infrastructure projects, find that iPDWeb provides unique capabilities and a highly efficient, cost effective process.  

While recognizing that many construction management practices are similar across many departments of transportation, iPDWeb has been architected to allow precise customization for those unique business processes found in each individual department of transportation.  iPDWeb seamlessly integrates end-to-end project management control using a centralized database model for seamless workflow across contracts, pre-construction, electronic bidding, construction, materials, and civil rights activities.


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ExeVision iCXWeb


•   Integrated Contractors Exchange (iCXWeb™)
•   iCX SecureVault™

Using the iCXWeb application, bidders access project bid item lists for their desired projects and prepare a complete electronic bid package including bid bonds, DBE commitments or Good Faith efforts. The completed bid package is digitally signed and transmitted via the Internet to the iPD SecureVault™ and held until the time of bid opening, when the bids are transmitted to the iPDWeb Electronic Bidding System (EBS). Bidders can submit their encrypted bid to the vault as many times as they wish until bid opening—the last bid submitted prior to bid opening is the bid that will be opened.  iCXWeb also automatically notifies contractors when amendments occur and ensures that bids may not be submitted if the amendments have not been acknowledged. 


In iCXWeb, contractors also fulfill their project-specific requirements for preparing subcontract agreements, documenting payments made to subcontractors and the hours worked by on-the-job trainees. It provides a view of real-time information for compliance with DBE and OJT commitments. Contractors can also prepare anticipated monthly payments schedules for the contracting agency indicating how much money will be needed to make monthly contractor payments.  

The integrated Contractors Exchange (iCXWeb) simplifies the bidding process for contractors by ensuring the creation of responsive bids and facilitates the communication between the bidders and the state transportation agency. iCXWeb was designed to minimize the instances of “non-responsive” bids by checking for errors prior to bid submission and making recommendations for correcting the problem(s). It also simplifies the process of creating bids with several teams separately working on different portions of the bid.

ExeVision ICX Contractor Bidding Project Development DOT


Contractor Bid Preparation & Submission

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iPD Parametric Estimates 

Many state transportation agencies find it a challenge to accurately estimate future projects that have a long-range time horizon.  Managing budgets with three, five, and even ten-year event horizons introduces many unknowns and uncertainties about project designs, prices, and engineering challenges. Developing a cost estimate that is truly representative of the final engineer’s estimate, and ultimately the awarded project cost, may seem unreasonable.  Yet creating more accurate estimates is not only a mandate of the FHWA, but an absolute necessity in a time of increasing budgetary restrictions.  Agencies need the tools to accurately estimate, budget, and utilize all available capital resources to provide the public with the best possible transportation infrastructure.

HDR and ExeVision have developed iPD Parametric Estimates (iPD PE), a breakthrough estimating technology that helps estimators develop more accurate long-range cost estimates.   iPD Parametric Estimates uses a sophisticated combination of Parametric Estimating, Percentage of Project, and Composite Item Groupings to produce cost estimates starting with only the smallest amount of knowledge about a project design, and then, as the designers are able to refine their early designs, the cost estimates can likewise be refined and developed with increasing precision. Recognizing that long-range designs develop at different rates for different parts of the project, Parametric Estimates allows cost estimates to include all types of estimate items (Parametric, Percentage of Project, Composite Item, and Bid Items), allowing the estimator to take advantage of all of the detailed knowledge available.

Parametric Estimating ExeVision IPDWeb

“Like every agency, we’re being pressed to give better estimates earlier.  Having a customized parametric solution allows us to quickly and more intelligently give an extremely early planning estimate with very little (if anything) actually quantified on the project.   HDR and ExeVision have been extremely responsive in developing this on a very short time line.”

Brad Hofer, 
Assistant Office Director/Location Engineer
Iowa Department of Transportation

iPD Parametric Estimates

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